Italian Briar Wood Pipes

  • La Rocca Pipes: Since the late 1800’s, this third generation pipe making family has been carving excellent quality pipes for very reasonable prices. Considered one of Italy's best selling lines, La Rocca has many styles, shapes, and finishes from which to choose.

    • Seven styles to choose from
    • Constructed of high quality Briar Wood
    • Great for beginners and experienced pipe smokers
  • Choosing a Pipe

    • Pipe Stem Length: The main difference between a long pipe and a short pipe is the warmth of the smoke. The shorter the pipe is, the warmer it will be. Beginner pipe smokers should choose a medium to long stem pipe because a shorter stem may be uncomfortable due to the heat of the smoke.

    • Pipe Stem, Bent vs. Straight: A bent pipe stem provides more balance so you don’t have to hold it in your hands, plus it’s more comfortable to clench in your mouth. However, a bent stem can be harder to clean and tends to cause more moisture build up in the bottom of the bowl.  A straight stem will provide an easier draw and is easier to clean (less moisture build up). However, they’re not as comfortable to smoke because they feel heavier and you’ll have to clench harder to keep it balanced. 

    • Pipe Shape & Material: All of our pipes at Ralph’s are constructed of Briar wood, an industry standard, although there are many other materials a pipe can be made out of (plastic, clay, meerschaum, etc.). We also carry corn cob pipes which are cheaper and sometimes better for beginners who are trying pipe smoking for the first time and don’t want to invest in a high quality pipe right away. The differences in price for Briar pipes comes down to the shape, size of the bowl, and stem/mouthpiece material. Acrylic mouthpieces (colored) tend to be more expensive than vulcanite mouthpieces (solid black). 

    There’s a variety of bowl shapes to choose from - the choice depends on the style you like. The size of the bowl will determine the smoking time; smaller bowl will give you a smaller tobacco pack and quicker smoke (recommended for beginners). Versus a larger bowl which will provide a bigger tobacco pack if you want a longer smoking session. See the chart on the last page for pipe anatomy and shape varieties!


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